5 Most Common Furnace Issues

It’s that time of year again when the temperature drops at night in the Arizona desert, the air becomes crisp and you need to be warm as quick as possible. The last thing you want to happen is your furnace to stop working and you come home to a cold home. For a few common furnace issues, these can be fixed by the homeowner yet some may need the assistance of a professional. Learn more about the most common furnace issues below:

Reduced Air Flow
This problem is easy to fix. If you cannot see through the furnace filter, you should replace the filter. Pay attention how the filter is put in place. A clogged filter causes reduced air flow, inefficient heating and may damage the limit switch that controls the fan. Also, a dirty air filter can cause the furnace to overheat and shut down.

Lack of Maintenance with Multiple Problems
Furnace are machines and require annual inspections. Prevent problems by an HVAC contractor performing inspections and catching any problems before they get too bad!

Normal Wear and Tear
Years of use can cause trouble areas which may be problems with airflow, overheating and problems with heat control.

Pilot Control or Electronic Ignition Problems
If your furnace is older and has a continuous pilot light, then the pilot light may have gone out. It could’ve gone out from something as simple as a gust of air. If you feel comfortable, relight the pilot light (instructions are usually on the furnace) if not, call an HVAC professional.

Does your furnace have an ignition system? The problem for cold air blowing out could be an issue with the ignition system. This means the furnace isn’t lighting the fuel and it won’t heat your home. Ignition systems usually need to be replaced by a certified technician to ensure it’s being installed correctly.

Dirty Filters

When troubleshooting furnace issues, always change the filter! Old filters can block the air flow. This actually limits the heating capability of the fan as it blows through the clogged and dirty filter. Some furnaces will actually shut down the burner if the filter is clogged so the furnace doesn’t overheat.

Don't wait till the temperature drops too low, contact the team at Admiral Air Conditioning & Heating today to help address any furnace concerns you may have. 

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